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Work Experience

Application Developer

K-Rise Systems

  • Creates and designs web pages for clients’ web applications using HTML and CSS frameworks
  • Builds complex SQL queries for data analysis and extraction to integrate with clients' ERP Systems
  • Implemented a new quotes feature for a client site that allows quote requests, quote creation, quote distribution and checkout
  • Works with Apache Solr to improve search performance and provide a user with suggestions and spellchecking on a search
  • Creates new features and repairs any bugs in .NET desktop application

Web Development Intern


  • Designed websites by utilizing web technologies such as HTML, CSS, JavaScript, PHP, and more
  • Collaborated with clients to improve their web presence and maintain their websites
  • Recreated a website for a Law Firm at johnbielskilaw.com

Research Assistant - Social Media Data Collection Program

Illinois State University

  • Developed a data collection program using the Twitter API and the Google Maps API in Java
  • Built Python scripts to find statuses based on a given criteria
  • Analyzed text using Natural Language Processing techniques

Teaching Assistant - Data Structures in C++

Illinois State University

  • Wrote sample programs to display good practice and well-structured code
  • Assist students in debugging their code and identifying any errors and flaws in their logic

Technical Skills

Operating Systems:Windows, MacOS, Linux

Languages (proficient):Java, C/C++, Python, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, SQL

Languages (familiar):PHP, TypeScript, C#

Frameworks:React, Angular, Node


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